They Call Me Doc was written through the CreatiVets songwriting program with US Navy Veteran, Shaun Bott. Shaun, a Navy corpsman (medic), was deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom and provided medical support for US Marine convoy operations. His song pays tribute to all “Doc’s” that have served in each war and the hardships they have had to endure.

Rise Above was inspired by Army veteran, Seth Cole’s personal story of military experience and growth. Cole was serving in Iraq and had just re-enlisted for another four years when he was seriously injured by a mis-fired grenade. Following this incident, he struggled with his injuries for two years before medically retiring.

Marine veteran, Jesse Schertz, story of coming home after war. Schertz was serving as a Marine in 2004 when he was critically injured in the wake of a suicide bombing.

“I had so many things that I had experienced in 30 years in the Army I didn’t know which story was more important than the other. So I decided to focus on all the stories I wasn’t able to (or didn’t want to) talk about. There are so many other veterans that carry this same burden so I wanted my song to help them as well as help myself.” – Geneo Graves

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