Rise Above was inspired by Army veteran, Seth Cole’s personal story of military experience and growth. Cole was serving in Iraq and had just re-enlisted for another four years when he was seriously injured by a mis-fired grenade. Following this incident, he struggled with his injuries for two years before medically retiring.

Marine veteran, Jesse Schertz, story of coming home after war. Schertz was serving as a Marine in 2004 when he was critically injured in the wake of a suicide bombing.

“I had so many things that I had experienced in 30 years in the Army I didn’t know which story was more important than the other. So I decided to focus on all the stories I wasn’t able to (or didn’t want to) talk about. There are so many other veterans that carry this same burden so I wanted my song to help them as well as help myself.” – Geneo Graves

Our Co-founder and Executive Director, Richard Casper, was featured in a documentary produced by TIME Magazine.
Richard was also named a “Next Generation Leader” by Time Magazine.

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