CreatiVets LIVE

CreatiVets is now LIVE!! We will be streaming art and music content from guitar classes to songwriting classes to sculpting, painting and drawing. We will be inviting some of the world’s best artists, CreatiVets staff, and even Grammy award-winning songwriters to host and teach these classes!! Now, you have all of CreatiVets amazing programming right in the convenience of your own home! So, grab your popcorn and tell a friend! CreatiVets is LIVE!!

Upcoming Streaming Schedule

DateTimeTitleHostDescriptionSuggested Supplies
NewEpisodesComing-Stay Tuned

Past Streams

DateTimeTitleHostDescriptionSuggested Supplies
3/27/204pm CSTDrawing GamesGarrett Augustyn, Zachary BurgartART GAMES!! Let's have some fun!Pen and paper
3/27/201pm CSTSongwriting (Melodies And Chords) Part A | Part BRick BeresfordRick is a Navy veteran and award winning/#1 songwriter who has taught songwriting at Belmont and Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music. He'll be talking anything and everything songwriting!!Guitar
3/27/208am CSTLockdown WorkoutLuke PellLuke is an Army veteran who graduated from West Point. He'll be taking you through a morning workout!Bodyweight, sandbag, pullup bar
3/26/201pm CSTEasy Key-syEric BurgettCountry artist, songwriter and Belmont piano instructor (who has a Masters in piano from Belmont) will be teaching licks, riffs and tricks on the black and whites!Piano if you got it!
3/25/203pm CSTLearn Easy Guitar TricksTim FaganTim will walk you through simple exercises and songs that make learning guitar more funGuitar
3/25/20Noon CSTSalt Dough Sculptures!Garrett AugustynOur art director will be doing a salt dough demo - KID FRIENDLY! Have your kids do art with youSalt, water, flour, mixing bowl, measuring cups
3/24/20Noon CSTWorking with clay!Garrett AugustynOur art director, Garrett Augustyn will be continuing with his ceramic piece from yesterdayN/A
3/23/204pm CSTGuitar Lesson for BeginnersTim FaganGRAMMY award-winning songwriter, Tim Fagan, will be taking questions and giving a beginner guitar classGuitar, Tuner
3/23/20Noon CSTFigure Sculpture DemoGarrett AugustynOur art director will be creating a clay sculptureN/A