CreatiVets’ mission is to empower wounded veterans to heal through the arts and music.
Rise Above by CreatiVets (featuring Craig Campbell)
Rise Above was inspired by Army veteran, Seth Cole’s personal story of military experience and growth. Cole was serving in Iraq and had just re-enlisted for another four years when he was seriously injured by a mis-fired grenade. Following this incident, he struggled with his injuries for two years before medically retiring. Cole enrolled in CreatiVets’ songwriting program and wrote “Rise Above” with the help of Dave Turnbull, Chris Ferrara, and Kyle Yepsen featuring Craig Campbell on vocals. When asked about the song, Seth said, “CreatiVets has saved my life and touched so many more in their mission to help veterans heal. We’re locked inside our minds because we don’t feel like anyone can understand. They were able to turn those words coming out of me into an amazing song.”

Songwriting Program

“That 3 hour writing session did more for me than the past 6 years at the VA.”

— Veteran Participant, Songwriting Program

Visual Arts Program

“It’s hard to express in words how I felt after that experience, but I know I let go of something deep and feel that this experience is going to allow me to maintain that positive attitude while giving me the courage to live a meaningful life with my children.”

— Veteran Participant, Art Program

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