CreatiVets’ mission is to empower wounded veterans to heal through the arts and music.

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They Call Me Doc by CreatiVets (featuring Aaron Lewis, Vince Gill, Dan Tyminski)
They Call Me Doc was written through the CreatiVets songwriting program with US Navy Veteran, Shaun Bott. Shaun, a Navy corpsman (medic), was deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom and provided medical support for US Marine convoy operations. His song pays tribute to all “Doc’s” that have served in each war and the hardships they have had to endure.

Songwriting Program

“That 3 hour writing session did more for me than the past 6 years at the VA.”

— Veteran Participant, Songwriting Program

Visual Arts Program

“It’s hard to express in words how I felt after that experience, but I know I let go of something deep and feel that this experience is going to allow me to maintain that positive attitude while giving me the courage to live a meaningful life with my children.”

— Veteran Participant, Art Program

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