One Less Mouth To Feed

Dec 6, 2014

In December of 2014, CreatiVets had the honor of taking Jason Huft to Nashville, TN, to write a song with professionals. Jason wrote about his experience serving in the Army in food service, and provided a new perspective of what his job as a cook meant.

Jason served in Afghanistan in 2006-07 attached to C Co 1-32 INF, 3BCT, 10TH MTN DIV; in 2009 attached to B CO 1-32 INF, 3BCT, 10TH MTN DIV; and in 11 Attached to B CO 1-32 INF, 3BCT, 10TH MTN DIV. Daily life while deployed included making breakfast, cleaning up, going on missions, or helping build around the Combat Outpost, and standing whatever guard duty was needed.

Jason took his job in food service very seriously, because what he did was important for every Soldier he served with. Jason says, “The soldiers I served were mainly infantry. To me that meant they signed up to be on the front line and deserved a great meal every meal. I used to get to know all of them, and then each deployment I found it easier to distance myself.”

Jason’s experience serving Soldiers food is not one we often consider or know much about. For Jason, and others in food service, getting to know the men and women who eat their meals can be difficult. Any meal could be a Soldier’s last. Jason struggled when the men he saw every day would leave for a mission, and some would not return.

During his time in Afghanistan, Jason learned the value of brotherhood and says, “It was hard transitioning home. People tend to worry about things that don’t really matter. When you’re on a small COP you form a brotherhood like nothing else. You watch each other’s back. Here in the states everyone is out for themselves.”

He says, “I listen to the song every day. It makes me think of the good friends I have lost, but also the good times we had together. I think it kind of helps my family and friends see the love I have for my brothers.”

One Less Mouth To Feed

by Jason Huft, Mark Irwin, Chris Ferrara, Joe Bachman and Richard Casper (OBCV) Copyright © 2014

I prep three squares for all my friends
And I serve my country by serving them
On my third tour overseas
But today there’s one less mouth to feed

I have no chance to say goodbye
And I got no time to think or cry
Next squads already coming in
But it’s never easy knowing when

Every meal could be their last
Feed ‘em well and feed them fast
It ain’t the job that gets to me
It’s when there’s one more empty seat
And one less mouth to feed

Tomorrow I’ll be headed home
For 16 months I cooked alone
So I lay tonight and pray
They’ll make it through another day


It was the privilege of my life
To cook for those that sacrificed
Cause I knew deep inside